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We will be transitioning to a new and much improved patient portal on May 4th. This patient portal will be inactivated on the afternoon of May 4th. Our patients will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address that is listed on their account with instructions on how to register for the new patient portal. The portal vendor has assured us that the registration process will be much easier and more streamline than it was in the past with this patient portal. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call (503) 620 - 5556.

Whatever happened to old fashioned physicians who cared for you and your whole family? At Southwest Family Physicians we offer comprehensive patient-centered healthcare for your entire family, the old-fashioned way with respect, kindness and dedication to serving each individual's health needs.

As a Family Practice, we offer healthcare for the whole family, emphasizing disease prevention and health promotion. We also have midwives who specialize in low risk pregnancy, delivery and newborn care, including breastfeeding support.

Our providers include PhysiciansMidwives, Family and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, who provide the full spectrum of family healthcare for all ages.

Being open-minded and supportive of alternative medicine, we have an Acupuncturist on our staff as well. Our Physical Therapy department can help with most of your musculoskeletal concerns and provide therapeutic massage to relieve discomforts.

Understanding the need to treat the whole person, mind and body, we also have a therapist available for Counseling.

No-Scalpel Vasectomy is offered to men desiring a safe and effective means of permanent birth control.

We offer a welcoming place where you'll find a non-judgmental and caring environment for everyone, including single mothers and nontraditional families.

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